Meet the Queen of Crazy

I’m a natural brunette who just turned 25. I’m Southern by the Grace of God and a Georgia girl to my core. I love the Lord with all my heart and will one day have to be surgically separated from my laptop, I’m sure. Dante (yes, I named my laptop) is my surrogate child. I’m a dog-lover but can’t own one due to the fact that I rent. I’m a full-time admin assistant and a part-time student majoring in Speech Communication. (Trust me when I get that bachelor’s degree we’re all gonna party like it’s 1999!) I’m sarcastic, silly, sleep deprived, and going non-stop.

My other half is my little sister [June]. God made us for each other!

My bestie [the wife] has seen me through thick & thin.

My parents are awesome examples in my life and some of my greatest friends.fambam

I have a wonderful extended family filled with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents who rock and a whole passel of best friends who are amazing! I love mountain dew, writing, reading, running my mouth, smiling, and sunshine! Welcome to my world ;]


One Response to Meet the Queen of Crazy

  1. I came to visit from “Feeling Beachie”. I am amused and therefore a new follower here. What a wonderful blog!
    I hope you will join me on my blog, too.
    McGuffyAnn (It really is my name)
    McGuffy’s Reader

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