Fiesta Friday!


1. Dream job…realistic and completely unrealistic.

Realistic: Part Time Office Manager [or part time anything] <—- that could also be filed under completely unrealistic! Or a cosmetologist.

Not Necessarily At All Realistic: An EMT, a cake artist, or Vanessa Paradis

2. Do you fart in front of your significant other?

Le Señor always said this was the sign of true love. I’m not one to fart in front of anybody, but if it happens I ain’t gonna deny it either. I’m quite proud of my silently but deadly bombs.

3. What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home? How far and where was it?

Las Vegas, I do believe. Sin City is kind of across the country from my little GA home 🙂 Of course I don’t know how far in miles. You can go look it up on Mapquest. I’m being lazy.

4. How do you celebrate birthday for your kids? Family only or friends? … Alternate for those without kiddos: How did you celebrate birthdays as a kid?

One Word: Sleepover! And then of course a family party later ….

5. Fave thing about fall?

Football!! (And trips to CN)



1.   The best thing I did all week was get an A on my Consumer Econ test.

2.   Watching Fall TV on my computer makes me super happy.

3.  Pets are still just a dream for me .

4.  Social Interaction is the best thing about my life.

5.  With the cooler weather I am looking forward to boots, blankets, snow days (a little premature?), pumpkins, and football.

6.  Something that’s on my “wish list” right now is a washer & a dryer … oh and a couch.

7.  This weekend I am going to Hannah & Jimmy’s wedding.

1. When I was little, all I wanted was a pony. [Cliche but true]

2. I always want to love to eat healthy but no matter how hard I try, I don’t.

3. The craziest part of it all was that no one seemed to notice that anything had changed.

4. The mist around the mountains makes me want to be in Tennessee at the cabin being lazy.



About queenofcrazy

I'm a (not nearly so) wild and (definitely still) crazy mama. I'm married to the love of my life, Jeff, and we have a beautiful little girl, Kaitybug. I am addicted to Mountain Dew and good deals. I'm blessed with a job that I love and a mother who makes working possible. My life is filled to overflowing with wonderful people, and I'm blessed beyond measure.
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3 Responses to Fiesta Friday!

  1. Jamie says:

    4. The mist around the mountains makes me want to be in Tennessee at the cabin being lazy.

    It’s gorgeous! You should be here!!

  2. being in a cabin anywhere being lazy sounds great to me!!!!

  3. Hilary says:

    Eating healthy is a funny one… You don’t want to do it, but once you make the switch it is just as hard to go back to not eating healthy 🙂 thanks for playing along!

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