Ooooh, Pinteresting!

I always seem to get “Pin” happy on Wednesdays. And today is no exception. Here are a few of the things I found to love. Wanna follow me? Click here.

Pinned from

Pinned from House of Turquoise

Pinned from Vintage Escapade

Pinned from Mimsie Whimsy

Pinned from

Pinned from

Pinned from

Pinned from Judy Varn

Pinned from Tarnee Watts

PS this picture keeps being pinned by my friends and every time I see it I can’t help but think “That’s so Makailyia!” [Le Señor’s adorable niece] I think it’s the “diva vibe” that does it …


About queenofcrazy

I'm a (not nearly so) wild and (definitely still) crazy mama. I'm married to the love of my life, Jeff, and we have a beautiful little girl, Kaitybug. I am addicted to Mountain Dew and good deals. I'm blessed with a job that I love and a mother who makes working possible. My life is filled to overflowing with wonderful people, and I'm blessed beyond measure.
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One Response to Ooooh, Pinteresting!

  1. Courtney says:

    I love the turquoise walls with white shelves…it looks so clean!

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