Ten On Tuesday: House Edition

Today I’m obsessed with the magic house. I know it may be weeks/months/or even years before we meet, but I’m still loving a little future planning now and again. So, today’s ten is all about the magic house.

Ten Must Haves in the Magic House

{1} A custom piece of artwork based on Hebrews 13:2 made by a local artist or someone I know (I kinda have someone in mind ….)

{2} Chalkboard paint. Maybe not on EVERY wall. But on something … anything really.

{3} A couch. Or a futon. For when people need to crash.

{4} An herb garden. Sibling promised to help me start one and to make sure it didn’t die. First on the list, my new best friend – cilantro.

{5} Spray paint. Mr. Robertson may not have taught me much Spanish, but he certainly instilled in me the importance of spray paint.

{6} Internet. I’m not really good at “borrowing” wifi. Hanging out in fast food restaurants, libraries, etc isn’t really my thing.

{7} Cats! Just kidding. Did you buy that? Really?!?! Do you know me at all? Seriously, though, a puppy/dog will have to move in at some point!

{8} A little bit of this …..

{9} The chair I can’t part with that is currently in the middle of my bedroom floor

{10} And of course my super awesome sibling! [or Johnny Depp if June declines ….]


About queenofcrazy

I'm a (not nearly so) wild and (definitely still) crazy mama. I'm married to the love of my life, Jeff, and we have a beautiful little girl, Kaitybug. I am addicted to Mountain Dew and good deals. I'm blessed with a job that I love and a mother who makes working possible. My life is filled to overflowing with wonderful people, and I'm blessed beyond measure.
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One Response to Ten On Tuesday: House Edition

  1. Kim says:

    #8 says it’s forbidden…guess you need something crazy in that magic house, ha! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be nice to have Johnny Depp just hanging out, lol. Great list, thanks for linking up!

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