It’s Time For Love!

It’s Wednesday! Time for some loving 🙂

[that so reminds me of FOTC – Business Time (see below)]

^^^ I’m loving that song!

Now, onto the rest of what I’m loving today!

^^^ Go join Jamie for the fun!


I’m loving the pretty weather!

I’m loving my new earbuds.I’m loving that tonight’s the skating trip with the BC Crew 🙂

I’m loving that Jamie will be home in about ❤ days!

I’m loving my art class.

I’m loving Flight of the Conchords.

I’m loving that in one week J will turn 26!

I’m loving gummy worms, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, && all things green!

And as always I’m loving my awesome family and friends and my sweet boyfriend ;]


Now for some question fun!

Visit Leigh and join up :]

{one} scruffy or clean shaven?

I can go either way on this one, but I think I lean more towards scruffy ;]

{two} what’s your favorite sundae topping?

Hot Fudge & Peanuts! Think DQ Peanut Buster Parfait!

{three} do you own slippers?

In my house, they’re called bedroom shoes. And I own a pair for our nonexistent random snow days.

{four} did you ever have a tree house?

Haha. We had a play house that was sorta near a tree. It was two stories, and we called it our tree house. The poor thing was barely big enough for us to get in and had two strange little ladders. We jumped out of it many a time and amazingly never broke any bones. My dad built it for us, bless his heart. He wanted us to have a tree house, but we didn’t have any trees. I have to admit though as strange as that little house was I have great memories from my time spent up there with the neighborhood kids.

{five} how you do relieve stress?

I make lists and map everything out. Or I write.

{six} what’s your favorite dr. seuss book?

Oh, The Places You’ll Go or Green Eggs & Ham

{seven} have you ever taken dance classes?

Ballet. But I’d love to take ballroom or latin.

{eight} which do you use more: the thesaurus or the dictionary?


{nine} what’s your favorite form of exercise?

haha. wanna know my favorite poison too? j/k. I like to walk, dance, play wii (does that count?), and play outside (sports, chasing after kids, etc). If I had time, I think I would like aerobics, Zumba, or time at the gym. Sadly, the time just isn’t there.

{ten} what’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line?

Over an hour at some theme park in Orlando, FL


Day 34 – A picture of your favorite morning

^^^ This is obviously not me, but this is how I like to spend my favorite mornings.


About queenofcrazy

I'm a (not nearly so) wild and (definitely still) crazy mama. I'm married to the love of my life, Jeff, and we have a beautiful little girl, Kaitybug. I am addicted to Mountain Dew and good deals. I'm blessed with a job that I love and a mother who makes working possible. My life is filled to overflowing with wonderful people, and I'm blessed beyond measure.
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One Response to It’s Time For Love!

  1. Nate says:

    Cause when I’m down to my socks…haha

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