“30 Before 30” List

I turned 24 this year. Ever since I was about 16 I’ve been listing things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. It really hit me today that the years are flying by, and I better get on the stick! So, I’m posting my Top 30 Things to do BEFORE I turn 30 [in no particular order of course]!

1. Learn to drive a stick shift.

2. Move out of my parents’ house. [9/3/11]

3. Get my Bachelor’s Degree.

4. Fly on an airplane.

5. Go out of the country.

6. Cook a full meal in my own kitchen! [9/6/11]

7. Fit into my size 9/10 jeans.

8. Hunt down a kickbutt photographer and get some fun pictures taken 🙂

9. Open my own business [even if it is just a side job]

10. Take a cake decorating class.

11. Ride a motorcycle.

12. Get a dog! [Lilybug 1/1/13]

13. Go see a play [or concert] at the Fox Theatre

14. Learn to shoot a gun.

15. Buy a car I love! [12/12/11]

16. Have a KitchenAid stand mixer.

17. Buy something from Ikea or Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel.

18. Eat sushi.

19. Visit California.

20. Stay overnight in the Hilton Garden Inn on River Street in Savannah, GA

21. Make a 14 layer chocolate cake!

22. Ride a horse.

23. Make 5 new friends.

24. Stay in a Bed & Breakfast.

25. Go on a mission trip.

26. Share the love of Jesus Christ with 30 people.

27. Buy season tickets for UGA football and attend EVERY home game!

28. Make an edible grilled cheese sandwich!

29. Go fishing, bait my own hook, and and remove the hook from the fish all by myself.

30. This one is private.


About queenofcrazy

I'm a (not nearly so) wild and (definitely still) crazy mama. I'm married to the love of my life, Jeff, and we have a beautiful little girl, Kaitybug. I am addicted to Mountain Dew and good deals. I'm blessed with a job that I love and a mother who makes working possible. My life is filled to overflowing with wonderful people, and I'm blessed beyond measure.
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4 Responses to “30 Before 30” List

  1. I may have to do this, but maybe make it a 35 before 35. I am turning 29 this year and I don’t think I could do 30 things in a year. haha!

    • queenofcrazy says:

      Oh I agree. I know people who do lists like “24 before 24” and then the next year do “25 before 25”, but that’s just WAY too much for me to get done in a year 🙂 Five years seems much more reasonable.

  2. Nay says:

    Have you done #28 yet? There’s a blog on Blogger called Grilled Cheese Social…you can practice with one of her recipes!
    I’m trying to make the ultimate tuna sandwich – my best friend makes the best one, though…
    Happy 4th!

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